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Job Description

Job Designation: Female Executive Secretary to MD

Primary Job Role & Responsibility:
1. Coordinates the schedule of MD, directs and guides internal and external enquiries, documentation and contacts. Coordinates with other departments all the work issues related to MD.
2. Organize and co-ordinates diary schedule, meetings, travel itineraries, flight arrangements of MD.
3. Responsible for preparing and handling correspondence and presentations, incoming and outgoing mail / emails of MD, file maintenance, stationary requirements, meeting room control and minutes of meeting.
4. Filters requests for approval/relevance of documents of MD, and re-directs according to levels of authority required or level of issues.
5. Answers queries and obtains information, and follows up all pending matters of MD.
6. Maintains physical security and absolute confidentiality of market, commercial, personnel and financial information.
7. Handle top management information and contacts securely, sensitively and confidentially.
8. Use judgment to make/rearrange schedules, and to progress matters.
9. Extensive travelling with or without MD (or as guided & required) within India and Abroad for Company meetings,
10. Make prompt administrative decisions or recommendations to serve the interests of the Company and the practicality of arrangements.
11. Ensures communication of / responses to the requirements.
12. Handles all contacts clearly, efficiently, sensitively and courteously.
13. Ensures that professional image of the organization is maintained in all external liaison and arrangements.
14. "Assist the MD with maintaining quality system implementation requirements through coordinating and/or conducting activities related to document control, employee management, and statistical process control. Provide technical assistance in determining effective adherence to organizational requirements".
15. Interact with employees at all levels of the organization, developing and presenting audit compliance and non-compliance reports and utilizing the Corrective Action/Preventive Action plan as applicable for company benefit.