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Job Description

Position Responsibilities :-

1. Implements, coordinates and maintains Ledcor quality systems and procedures in accordance with project specifications.
2. Initiates non-conformance processes when materials or products do not meet the required specifications.
3. Develops inspection test plans to meet project requirements.
4. Takes action to monitor and control costs related to own work and assigned projects, provides input to the quality team onconstru financial matters.
5. Participates in the development of Ledcors quality program.
6. Reviews contract documents and participates in the development of the project quality plan and advises the Quality Manager of any necessary changes or revisions to the quality plan.
7. Participates in the change management process of changes to the work by carrying out some trouble-shooting and debriefing with department processes to continually improve upon the products, service and support provided.
8. Performs general administrative and recordkeeping functions to ensure project specific quality management information is readily available including the completion of required quality documentation.
9. Ensures Quality Records are accurately completed with a focus on the required quality processes and the specification requirements for the related discipline activity.
10. Interfaces and communicates (written and oral) with management, clients and contacts.
11. Oversees quality submittals and reporting.
12. May perform other related duties as assigned.